CNO Validation Framework 4.2

Our new version of the CNO data validation solution is now available.

In our new version, the AutoFill style sheet extension is a perfect complement to automatically fill data in Teamcenter based on your business rules. In addition, there are some minor enhancements in the area of configuration and improvements in Active Workspace integration.

AutoFill Extension for Active Workspace StyleSheets
CNO AutoFill is a solution for automatically completing data based on your business rules. This makes it a practical and time-saving extension for Teamcenter.

CNO AutoFill in Active Workspace

Active Workspace Integration using OOTB Stylesheets


Optimization of Post-Actions
Enhanced functionality for automated postprocessing depending on the result of the checks.

This action can be used not only for the objects that are actually checked, but also for individual components or linked parts.


  • Action is triggered only for certain base objects
  • Action is triggered only on defined child objects
  • Action is triggered for base objects and subordinate objects
  • Action is triggered on linked objects


Improved Check Rule Selection
In addition to the direct use of available validation rules, object criteria for the visibility of validation rules in RichClient or Active Workspace can optionally be defined now via a dataset.



Expansion and Check Features

  • Wizard for expansion configuration
  • Optimization to use where-used functionalities
  • Support BOM validation with different revision rules
  • Direct access for checks on information from third-party systems
  • Simplified calculation and existence checks


NX Integration
Integration of AdHoc-Validation in NX or SolidEdge.

CNO Validation Framework CAD-Integration via Active Workspace



Support new Teamcenter Versions

  • Teamcenter 12.2
  • Active Workspace 4.2


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