PLM monitoring

We offer optimal and specific monitoring solutions to facilitate PLM operation.
In addition we offer you the possibility to monitor different Teamcenter modules.

  • Workflows: CNO Workflow Monitor
  • Dispatcher (TSTK): CNO Dispatcher Monitor
  • Overall System: CNO System Monitor

Take a look at our solutions in detail.

CNO Workflow Monitor

Workflows are an important tool for controlling processes in the PLM system Teamcenter. Their smooth running is crucial for short release cycles. Errors within the processes often generate a high administrative effort.

The permanent monitoring of these processes, the detection of error conditions and delays as well as the evaluation of detected problems contribute significantly to increasing the data quality, to improve processes and to avoid administrative efforts and thus to increase the user acceptance.

With the CNO Workflow Monitor, CAD ‘N ORG provides a powerful tool to monitor the workflows and their tasks in Teamcenter, detect and eliminate error conditions, and support process analysis.



  • Monitoring all workflows
  • Optimization of workflow runs
  • Capture all essential information
  • Automatic time and error analysis
  • Identification of error conditions
  • Better user acceptance through quick reaction to mistakes


  • Listing and sorting of all workflows by object, status, time, owner etc.
  • Display of the required time per task
  • Execute actions either manually or automatically according to configurable filter
  • Collect additional information as needed
  • Filter configuration to classify the errors and define the actions
  • Extensive statistics on the use of workflow templates, time consumption, etc.
  • Capture deleted workflows
  • Self-service option for users with common process problems
The CNO Workflow Monitor effectively supports Teamcenter support, especially with a large number of different workflow processes.

Here are some Screenshots of the CNO Workflow Monitor (enlarged by clicking on the image):

CNO Dispatcher Monitor

Generation of neutral formats is a crucial building block in information processes. Here important information of different origin (drawings, forms) are brought together.

This is based on production releases as well as supplier orders or acceptance tests. When this information is missing, the whole process often falters.

With the dispatcher monitor, CAD ‘N ORG provides a reliable tool to monitor dispatch center processes in the PLM system Teamcenter, detect and eliminate errors, and support performance and needs analysis.



  • Monitoring of all dispatcher jobs
  • Central access to all essential information
  • Automatic error analysis
  • Identification of performance problems
  • Better user acceptance through fast response to errors



  • List and sort all conversion jobs by object, conversion status, converter, owner, and others.
  • Display of the required time per conversion job and its phases
  • Restart of conversion jobs either manually or automatically according to configurable filter
  • Access to log files of the dispatcher components
  • Filter configuration to classify the errors and define the actions
  • Comprehensive statistics on the use of converters, time consumption, etc.
  • Self-service option for users with common conversion problems
The CNO dispatcher monitor effectively supports Teamcenter support, especially in a variety of jobs with different services, distributed servers, and different operating systems.

Here are some screenshots of the CNO Dispatcher Monitor (click on the image to enlarge)

The video will show how you can use our solution to optimize your PLM processes.

CNO System Monitor

The PLM system Teamcenter with its environment consists of many hardware and software components, such as servers, databases, web services, dispatchers, client applications. Usually there is no overview of the availability and performance of these components.

Problems encountered by users, such as slow accesses cannot be seriously investigated. This requires clear and efficient system monitoring.



  • Gain an overview of Teamcenter components and services
  • Monitoring enables early detection of malfunctions and bottlenecks
  • Monitoring of all components and services in terms of availability, response time, etc.
  • Monitoring and notification of license violations
  • Deriving measures to solve problems
  • Effective proactive administrative support


CNO solution package

  • Monitoring of the hardware and software components for Teamcenter
  • Statistics on the availability of components and services
  • Determination of response times for individual components and services
  • Measure times for different types of operations such as logging in, searching, etc.
  • Reporting the measurement over time to identify deviations in relation to reference values​​
  • Based on these measurements, a more detailed investigation of problems can be started

Here are some screenshots of the CNO System Monitor (click on the image to enlarge)

All the services are listed that are in a critical, warning or unknown state. Details on these services and affected systems can be called up immediately.


In this video you can the solution in action monitoring your PLM processes.