PLM Tools

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an information management system that can integrate data, processes, business systems and ultimately people into an extended enterprise.

PLM software enables you to efficiently manage this information throughout the lifecycle of a product, from brainstorming, through design and manufacturing, to service and disposal.

We offer you our software solutions for optimizing your PLM-System:

CNO Teamcenter Testsuite

Our Test Suite for Teamcenter provides a simple and flexible test automation solution. The test suite can be directly used for standard Teamcenter use cases and is easys to extend without deep programming skills.

CNO Admin Tools

Our Issue Tracker extension offers the possibility of simplifying and standardizing bug reports. It allows an efficient and cross-machine issue analysis capability of the PLM-System Teamcenter.

CNO Synchronous Dispatcher

Our solution offers the possibility to implement synchronous conversion tasks in workflows. The predefined workflow templates and the use of our handlers allow an easy integration into existing Teamcenter environments and processes.
CNO Reporting

CNO Reporting for Teamcenter

Using the CNO Reporting solution, the often time-consuming compiled reports can be implemented easily and without depth knowledge.

Simple integrations into existing applications or processes combined with any output format allows the usage of the reports in many use cases.