CNO Synchronous Dispatcher

Our CNO Dispatcher extension offers the possibility to implement synchronous conversion tasks in Teamcenter workflows. Predefined workflow templates and specific workflow handlers allowing an easy and fast integration into existing Teamcenter environments and processes.



  • Waiting for an successful conversion operation
  • Defining an error path for conversion problems
  • Error handling / re-conversion after errors in combination with our dispatcher monitor



Teamcenter Version:
10.1 (older versions on demand)

Support of all dispatcher modules through the use of converter independent Teamcenter functionalities.


  • PostAction on DispatcherRequest object to handle the workflow feedback
  • Use of workflow rule and action handler of the CNO Custom Library

Enhancement of existing workflow templates to realize the workflow controlled conversion process.

Optional: CNO Dispatcher-Monitor



CNO Teamcenter Handler:
Workflow Handler to support an simple customizing of your existing Teamcenter workflows.

CNO Dispatcher Extension:
Register actions to act on status changes of the conversion process.

Workflow Templates:

  • Predefined conversion workflows for different use cases
  • Sample workflows with extended error handling

Dispatcher Module:

  • Support tools for generating neutral formats from Teamcenter
  • Solution for the Teamcenter Administrator to simplify the conversion of conversion tasks


Process of a synchronous conversion via workflow. There are two variants to realize this:
1. Waiting for successful conversion with cancellation
2. Using an error path in case of unsuccessful conversion

1 Variant: Wait for an successful conversion

Success: (Dispatcher Complete Status)

  • PerformSignOff Workflow Task is set to „Accepted“ by the Dispatcher Teamcenter User.
  • Workflow is continued after the decision.

Failure: (Dispatcher Terminal Status)

  • PerformSignOff Workflow Task is set to „Rejected“ by the Dispatcher Teamcenter User.
  • Task is stopped till a retrigger of the requests is successfull.
  • Optional Extension: Cancel-Argument in Dispatcher Request for the workflow.

Step 1: Call Workflow with conversion job

Step 2: Waiting Conversion-Task
Step 3: Process and finish conversion
Step 4: Workflow finished


2 Variant: Error on failed conversion

Success: (Complete Status)

  • PerformSignOff Task is set to „Accepted“ by Dispatcher Teamcenter User.
  • Workflow continues.

Failure: (Terminal Status)

  • PerformSignOff is set to „Rejected“ by Dispatcher Teamcenter User.
  • Worklow uses error path.
  • Optional Extension: SOA-Call by Dispatcher-Monitor to trigger the task.

Step 1: Execute Workflow with waiting conversion task

Step 2: Waiting DispatcherRequest Task
Step 3: Process DispatcherRequest
Step 4: Workflow finished


Not successfull