CNO PLM Monitoring 5.3

News about our CNO monitoring solutions

In our latest version we offer many improvements and further possibilities to monitor different Teamcenter modules. This makes is much easier and simpler to get a control over your PLM system.

CNO Workflow-Monitor
The Workflow Monitor is a powerful tool that can be used to monitor any workflow and its tasks in Teamcenter. Error states are detected via an AI module and can be optionally cleaned up.

CNO Workflow Monitor


New statistics are helping with simple process and performance analysis. This allows to identify typical faults or optimize long-running processes with little effort.

CNO Workflow Monitor Statistic



CNO Dispatcher Monitor
Improved monitoring of Dispatcher processes in Teamcenter enables proactive detection and automated corrective action.

The new self-learning module for controlling follow-up processing for successful or failed checks enables automated further processing without configuration effort.

CNO Dispatcher Monitor Bulk Restart

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Support new Teamcenter Versions

  • Teamcenter 12.2
  • Teamcenter 11.6

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CNO Workflow Monitor
CNO Dispatcher Monitor