CNO BOM and Revision Compare

  • Easily identify changes on the Item Revision
  • Option to compare BOMs
  • Generation of change lists



  • Unclear status on changes to an previous revision
  • Manual adjustment of BOMs
  • Missing comparison possibility of all attributes of an revision with an predecessor


  • Automatic creation of change reports
  • Compare all attributes of an revision with the predecessor in Teamcenter
  • Simple solution for identifying modifications in multiple product structures

Usage: Revision- and BOM Compare

BOM and Revision Compare is easy to use and can be integrated into your existing PLM environment. The comparison functionality can be used directly for bill of materials changes. This can be done ad hoc by the user, automatically integrated in workflows or as a proactive analysis in the database. The reports and delta comparisons are freely configurable and can be adapted to growing requirements.


Sample: Bill of material compare using Microsoft Excel

CNO BOM Compare in Teamcenter

Usage: Cross-System BOM Compare

The construction parts list is used to derive the production parts list. A material assignment takes place in the ERP and partially initiates changes in the PLM. CNO BOM Compare enables a secure cross-system comparison.

Sample: BOM Compare between Teamcenter and SAP

TC - SAP BOM Compare

TC – SAP BOM Compare

CNO BOM Compare

 CNO BOM Compare for TC – SAP Diff


  • Traceability from requirements through product development to logistical processing and service
  • Transparency and traceability in product structure management
  • Easy identification of differences in parts lists and revisions
  • Quick possibility to compare different types of parts lists
  • Generation of change lists and delta comparisons
  • Open interface for comparison with different systems
  • Workflow and report options
  • Various output formats (MS Office, XML etc.)


Enables better performance and competitiveness:

  • Speedup compare of revisions and assemblies
  • Complete list of changes
  • Automation to optimize follow-up processes