CNO Teamcenter Testsuite

Within the scope of deployments or adaptations to the configuration of Teamcenter, tests are indispensable for the provision and operation of a well-functioning solution.

However, in many companies the use of automated test procedures is deliberately avoided due to a poor cost/benefit ratio. Reasons are factors such as development effort, frequent version changes or a project budget that is too small.

Our Test Suite for Teamcenter provides a simple and flexible test automation solution. The test suite can be directly used for standard Teamcenter use cases and is easys to extend without deep programming skills.



  • Improvement of software quality through higher test coverage
  • Easy automation of tests
  • Minimizing the risk of software patches
  • Maintainability of test cases during software updates
  • Statistics for system optimization
  • Measurement of performance



  • Automation via Eclipse based environment
  • Reuse of test cases
  • Availability of OOTB Teamcenter test cases for immediate use
  • Record & Play functionality for RichClient and Active Workspace
  • Possibility of programmed tests with object mapping support
  • Smoke test funktion
  • Test automation via system lines and for different software versions by test-suite parameterization
  • Automated creation of test data


System requirements

Teamcenter 12 (older versions on demand)



CNO Test Suite:

  • Eclipse based test suite for managing and maintaining test cases
  • Test cases for standard procedures in Teamcenter Rich Client and Active Workspace
  • CNO Test components for extended tests of Teamcenter
CNO TestSuite for Active Workspace

CNO Test Automat:

  • Support tool for automated processing of test cases
  • Record and Play functionality
  • Support tool for regular performance measurements and statistics

CNO SOA Konnektoren für Teamcenter:

  • Optional: Creation of test data
  • Optional: Integration into existing processes

CNO Monitoring:

  • Plug for preformance meassurement


The CNO TestSuite allows the often time-consuming manual tests to be automatically imaged, which improves the test coverage and improves system stability and quality.


 Please check the video with a workshop about the test automation.