CNO Validation Framework 4.1

Our new version of the CNO data validation solution is now available.

In our new version you will find a new extension AutoFill to automatically fill in data based on your business rules. In addition there are many other enhancements and improvements.
It is very important for us that the software quality is steadily increased. Thus bugfixes and internal optimizations are also achievements of this version.

AutoFill Extension
CNO AutoFill is a solution for automatically completing data based on your business rules. This makes it a practical and time-saving extension for Teamcenter.




Validation on Save Action
The possibility of validating data during the creation or during revisioning has been extended by the check options in the actual save process. This can help the user everywhere on data changes with simple hints and avoiding invalid data.


  • Save of an Assembly structure
  • Changes on the bill of material
  • Item or Revision changes


Scripting Extensions

  • Improvement of internal JavaScript Engine
  • Use of scripts for the data extraction
  • Simplification of XML and JSON result usage


Check Features

  • Direct use of the where used result
  • Optimization of uniqueness check in Teamcenter
  • Direct access on primary and secondary objects
  • Simplified Heidelberg CAx Quality Manager integration


Support new Teamcenter Versions

  • Teamcenter 12.1
  • Teamcenter 11.6
  • Active Workspace 4.1


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