CNO Validation Framework 4.0

Our new version of the CNO data validation solution is now available.

In our new version you will find almost 100 small improvements and bugfixes. In addition to the mentioned new features, we have actively worked on countless small improvements.
It is important to us that the software quality is steadily increased. Thus, bugfixes and internal optimizations are also among our achievements in this version.


What’s New

Teamcenter 12 and Active Workspace 4.0 Support

  • Teamcenter 9 to 12
  • Active Workspace 3 and 4
  • Windows and Linux

Stylesheet Enhancements

  • Active Workspace Input Validation
  • Summary Stylesheet Integration

External System Integration

  • Integration via SOA API
  • External Scripting
  • TcIF and Polarion PlugIn

Configuration Wizard

  • Admin Wizard for easy configuration
  • User-friendly Rule Editor

Extended Input Validation

  • Validation on BOMLine Add/Remove
  • Validation on Relation Creation

Check Features

  • Scripting Support
  • Language-Specific Validation Enhancements
  • Secondary Object Validation and Table Property Support
  • Audit Protocol Validation
  • Simplified CheckMate Integration
  • Wiki Link Extension




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