CNO Validation @ WAGO

Summary of over 7 years of use at WAGO Kontakttechnik in the PLM environment

CAD ‘N ORG provides a powerful tool for ensuring data consistency and quality in the Teamcenter PLM system.

Efficient work thanks to excellent data quality and minimal effort for error corrections in Teamcenter. This is what our customers say about the use of our solutions.


WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

We have been using the “CAD‘N‘ORG Validation Framework” successfully for 7 years and were able to …

  • significantly increase our data quality in the entire PLM environment
  • reduce our throughput times for the product line,
    by preventing incorrect or missing data from causing delays before the process starts
  • reduce our customization programming (in the Teamcenter) by over 90%, since almost every “use case” can be validated with it



Our solution in action integrated in Active Workspace 

More details about datagovernance and dataquality