CNO Validation Framework 5.0

CNO Validation Framework 5.0

Our new version of the CNO data validation solution is now available.

In our new version you will find almost 100 small improvements and bugfixes.
It is important to us that the software quality is steadily increased. Thus, bugfixes and internal optimizations are also among our achievements in this version.


What’s New

Teamcenter 13 and Active Workspace 5 Support

  • Teamcenter 11 – 13
  • Active Workspace 3, 4 and 5
  • Windows and Linux

BOM Compare

  • Easy identification of changes on the item revision
  • Fast way to compare different bill of materials
  • Generation of change lists and delta comparison

Document content validation

  • Check the content of your files in Teamcenter
  • Validate office document content and many more formats

Configuration Wizard

  • Import / Export Configuration
  • Extended Rule definition

External System Integration

  • Mendix Integration
  • Enhanced external scripting

Check Features

  • Graphical reporting
  • Recursive validation
  • BOM Level Support
  • Workflow enhancements
  • Simplified expansions on references
  • Save check result option




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Simplify the PLM Monitoring

Simplify the PLM Monitoring

PLM Monitoring

Some of the largest Teamcenter PLM installations use our monitoring solutions to optimize their PLM processes.

Especially the monitoring of the dispatcher systems for Teamcenter ensures considerable savings in the operation of the PLM solution.


Our Zero-Config feature can quickly eliminate errors or other process problems via an AI module of our monitors. This leads to a considerably higher user acceptance of the system and considerably relieves its administration.


 Dispatcher Monitoring in Teamcenter