Mendix: Use of cross-system data validation

Mendix: Use of cross-system data validation

Use different data sources in your Mendix application and check the inputs and outputs with our Validation Framework Connectors.

Mendix is the platform for faster application development, faster go-live and quick success.

Mendix offers simple options for integrating various data sources and is an ideal tool for supporting the entire digitization process.
However, the more digitized processes are, the more important it is that all required data is correct. If, for example, information on the components for a product is incomplete, the production process may stall or the end product may not meet the specifications. In order to ensure the performance of the business processes, automated tests at selected process points are recommended.


  Mendix App with Validation Framework


Different data sources and manual entries lead to partially incomplete or incorrect data, especially when using integrated application solutions.
In order to be able to adequately assess your own data quality, we provide you with the possibility of simply checking this data and, if necessary, optimizing it using the validation framework.


Completely digitized processes make it necessary that all required data from different sources such as Teamcenter or SAP are fully and correctly available.
Therefore, you can use our validation solution e.g. can also be used directly in your Mendix Microflows.


 Datavalidation usage in Microflows



We are happy to assist you in optimizing your processes and improving data quality. Get an detailed idea and ask for a demo

20 Years CAD ’N ORG Engineering and Consulting GmbH

20 Years CAD ’N ORG Engineering and Consulting GmbH

We have been successfully dealing with CAD and PLM for 20 years and offer our customers know-how on NX and Teamcenter. The focus is on consulting, customization, installation and user support.

In February 1998 we started in Rüsselsheim with a small team. In the first years we supported suppliers of Adam Opel AG in the introduction of Unigraphics, which at that time had become the only CAD system at Opel. At the same time, we concentrated on Teamcenter Engineering in order to meet the increasing demand for support in projects. Projects for the introduction of Teamcenter and NX in the aerospace and electrical industry followed.

For five years we have been developing software to Teamcenter, which optimizes the range of functions and improves administration. For administration we offer software monitors for monitoring and controlling the dispatchers and workflows.

Another milestone in our software development is the Validation Framework, which significantly increases the data quality in
Teamcenter through checks from gathering to release. The advantage of this solution is that all tests can be configured and appliance to put into operation is thus significantly shortened.

An important step in widening our offer is the cooperation in the LMtec Group. By bundling the joint forces, 60 employees are now available to our customers and prospects in consulting, project management and software development.

Ultimately, our goal was and is to offer our customers and prospects the highest degree of know-how and competence for the successful completion of joint projects.

The 20th anniversary was celebrated in the group in a very artisanal way, namely by building an testing soapboxs. The pictures show the atmosphere of this event.