Realize Live Americas 2023

Realize Live Americas 2023


Realize Live

Realize Live Americas

June 12-15 2023

 Explore what transformation can look like with Siemens software. This year the Realize LIVE in Las Vegas was a great success. CAD ‘N ORG was also present with a presentation.


Workflow Optimization Made Easy

Tuesday June 13, 4:15pm – 5:00pm PDT (45 min)

In Teamcenter environments, especially when they have a large heterogeneity of data, it often happens that parts, documents, etc. do not meet the required quality or necessary quality. For example, relevant attributes or status values are missing for the next step in the process. If complex queries are required to start a release workflow, these workflows quickly become confusing.

The presentation will show how easy it is to accelerate the release of complex structures with appropriate technical support. A customer example demonstrates how a standardized validation framework helps speed up processes and improve data quality.

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25 years CAD `N ORG

25 years CAD `N ORG

25th anniversary of CAD `N ORG

CAD ‘N ORG Engineering and Consulting GmbH, CNO for short, was founded in February 1998.
In the early years, our services focused on the installation and administration of UNIX workstations with
the CAD system Unigraphics for suppliers of Adam Opel AG.

NX Software

NX Software

Old Workstations

Old Workstations

Today we offer a wide range of services and products. Starting with support in projects for the
introduction and further development of Teamcenter, through the installation, administration and hotline
support of Teamcenter to the development of powerful software solutions for optimizing Teamcenter. Our
customers now come from many sectors, such as the electrical industry, tool and mechanical
engineering, plant construction, medical technology, the defense and automotive supply industry and rail
vehicle construction.

Partnerships exist with Siemens Industry Software GmbH and the LMtec Group. In particular, we have
had a long and successful working relationship with LMtec, on the one hand through the marketing of our
software solutions, on the other hand through support in projects. By appearing together on the market,
we can offer our customers and interested parties an even broader range of services. For many years we
have been taking part in user conferences and exhibitions, such as the German user conference, with
lectures and workshops. By participating in international conferences, we were able to gain new
customers in Europe and America.


PLM Convention

Based on the experience gained in projects and in cooperation with customers, software development
has meanwhile established itself as an important business area. We offer our customers software
monitors to simplify the administration of Teamcenter. The most important product here is the CNO
Dispatcher Monitor. We achieve a much broader range of applications with our CNO Validation
Framework, through which we have already been able to win many large, international customers.

According to many customers, the CNO Validation Framework is the top product for quality assurance of
data from product development.

CNO Validation @ WAGO

We thank all our employees and customers for the good cooperation.
And we look forward to many more years of success!

Realize Live Americas 2023

Realize Live Americas 2022

Realize Live

Realize Live Americas

May 9-12 2022


This year Realize Live in Las Vegas was again a great success.

We would like to thank all participants and hope you enjoyed the large number of presentations. CAD ‘N ORG was also present with a presentation.


Good data quality is a key to successful digital transformation

Mon May 09, 1:30 PM – 2:15 PM PDT / 10:30 PM – 11:15 PM Your local time (45 min)

How do you identify poor data quality and improve the quality level? Digitalization (AI, Industry 4.0, IoT, etc.) bases more and more your company’s efficiency and results of your business on data. But only thirty percent of the IT departments believe in their organization’s data accuracy. If you manage to improve the trust and the quality of your data, then factors which define your success will automatically raise: pertinent choices, good reputation, customer satisfaction and so on. We propose a data strategy that can be implemented on the base of Teamcenter to reach a single point of truth, and help you to fully benefit from your data in the context of the digital transformation.

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CNO Validation @ WAGO

CNO Validation @ WAGO

Summary of over 7 years of use at WAGO Kontakttechnik in the PLM environment

CAD ‘N ORG provides a powerful tool for ensuring data consistency and quality in the Teamcenter PLM system.

Efficient work thanks to excellent data quality and minimal effort for error corrections in Teamcenter. This is what our customers say about the use of our solutions.


WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

We have been using the “CAD‘N‘ORG Validation Framework” successfully for 7 years and were able to …

  • significantly increase our data quality in the entire PLM environment
  • reduce our throughput times for the product line,
    by preventing incorrect or missing data from causing delays before the process starts
  • reduce our customization programming (in the Teamcenter) by over 90%, since almost every “use case” can be validated with it



Our solution in action integrated in Active Workspace 

More details about datagovernance and dataquality

SIEMENS PLM Connection Deutschland 2021

SIEMENS PLM Connection Deutschland 2021

Siemens PLM Connection 2021 – June 15 + 16

CAD ‘N ORG will be part of the convention with a virtual booth and several presentations.


We cordially invite you to inform yourself about our latest solution at our virtual booth. We are pleased to present you an intelligent system monitoring application in this way.


Our presentations

“Fast processes and better data quality in the PLM system”

on June 15, 2021, at 1:50 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Find out how the printing press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer AG, using Teamcenter, the release of complex structures is accelerated with appropriate technical support.

Not only does the optimization of the actual approval processes play a role, the automation of tests also enables the secure and quick approval of extensive assemblies.

The time savings and lower error rate also lead to significant simplifications in subsequent processes. Another advantage is the short training period for new colleagues in the complex work processes and company standards, which is guaranteed by the assistants integrated in the PLM system.

More information on data governance and improving data quality


“Teamcenter operation – don’t lose track!”

on June 15, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. – 3:40 p.m.

Teamcenter, as a heterogeneous system with a large number of modules and interfaces, poses a particular challenge in operation. In order not to lose track of things, efficient monitoring of all components is necessary. The aim of the lecture is to show how the operation of Teamcenter can be effectively supported by comprehensive monitoring.

Using an example from industrial practice within the framework of a Global Support and Service Agreement, the possibilities of monitoring a complex Teamcenter environment are to be demonstrated.

More information about PLM monitoring solutions



Look forward to an innovative, virtual conference experience and benefit from the exchange of experiences!

You can expect top-class key-note speakers, practice-oriented user and specialist lectures and news directly from the manufacturer Siemens Digital Industries Software. Follow all content as a video live stream and take advantage of the on-demand offer after the event.

To the PLM user conference …

Siemens PLM Connection 2021

CNO Virtual Customer Day 2020

CNO Virtual Customer Day 2020

CAD ‘N ORG Customer Day, September 30, 2020

CAD ‘N ORG organized the first virtual customer day on the CNO Validation Framework on September 30, 2020 for all customers and interested parties.

The aim of the customer day was to present the latest features and extensions of the validation framework. At the same time, we use the opportunity to exchange ideas with other customers and interested parties about the use of data validation.

The innovations were presented in individual sessions. First the use of the module AutoFill, which makes it much easier for users to enter data. As well as the module Revision and BOM Compare, which makes it easier to compare different revisions of parts lists. The checking of document content was also added as a new feature demonstrated which new validation possibilities open up.

The highlight was the use of the new configuration assistant, with the convenient checks in the CNO Validation Framework can be created and made available in the shortest possible time.


We would like to thank all participants for their participation.


Please contact us for access to the recording of our customer day sessions.

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